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Welcome to the Site! 

My name is Olga, I live in Cheshire, England. I am happily married with a daughter. 

I have two degrees, and my background is in e-commerce and as a Russian/English translator and interpreter. I’ve provided certified Russian/English translation services to many embassies and consulates. In recent years I’ve also worked in marketing, modelling and fashion.  

Hire a stockings model in Manchester

My interests are many and varied, but include fashion, of course. I love Fairfax and Favor, Holland and Cooper and Balmain for everyday wear. I also enjoy jive dancing so love 1950s-style Rock and Roll dresses, which means Dolly & Dotty and Pretty Kitty dresses, not to forget Ruby Willow headbands. I like lingerie too. I love Trasparenze, Pretty Polly, Gabriella, Dim, Cervin, Levante and Charnos stockings with a six-strap suspender belt. In some of my jive dancing videos, you’ll see me wearing hold-ups though – it depends on the dress. 

Modelling in Greater Manchester and the North West

I have much experience in different types of modelling ranging from fashion, work for e-commerce sites, still photography, life modelling (for artists), book covers and also product demonstration on behalf of companies; photographic and video. You’ll find me on websites selling things as diverse as cardboard boxes, stockings, books, dresses and domestic appliances. 

As I enjoy 1950s fashion and jive dancing, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a couple of brands that sell Rock ‘n’ Roll dresses. 

Rock 'n' Roll dress model Manchester

If you are looking for a model to demonstrate or help display your products, perhaps for your website, or if you need a life drawing model and you are in the Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Greater Manchester or nearby area, you can contact me by e-mail >here<

Meeting Interesting People

I love to meet interesting people. Sometimes that is through work, and sometimes socially. 

In the photo below, I am with Edwina Currie. I also interviewed her on my YouTube channel.

Cheshire Olga with Edwina Currie

Below I am with Gordon Burns (from the Krypton Factor and other TV and news programmes) at a Dyson business event. 

Cheshire Olga with Gordon Burns

Below I am sharing a joke with Nigel Farage at a GB News function. 

Cheshire Olga with Nigel Farage

For social media and product collaboration, modelling or other enquiries in the Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Greater Manchester or North West area, you can contact me >here<

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If you have any comments, questions, requests or enquiries, you can contact me >here<